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2015 Hope Reins Pray Day

Hope Reins Pray Day 2015


Is your child fond of horses? Does he or she want to learn more about this amazing animal? Hope Reins offers a safe, positive, and friendly environment for children to have fun while learning about horses.

Scheduling for the next month begins on the 15th of the current month or on the nearest open day thereafter (i.e. scheduling for April will generally begin on March 15th). Our season opens during the first week of April each year. Schedule sessions with us by filling out our enrollment form below.

If you have any questions or concerns about our ministry, please contact us by phone at (812) 878-5475 or email

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Looking for Volunteers!

We are looking for people who are interested in helping! We are looking for three different kinds of volunteers:

* People familiar with horses to be horse-handlers under the supervision of the staff,

* People who have a heart for children to be mentors, and

* People who have a heart for serving to do jobs such as cleaning barns, cleaning tact, painting fences or doing paperwork.

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Donna and RandyDonna and Randy along with their daughters, Ashli, Holli and Kaci have a love for horses. They enjoy the beauty and adventure that comes from this awesome animal. God placed a desire in their hearts to share their blessing of horses with others.  Hope Reins serves all children between the ages of 7 and 18. Hope Reins serves the child who comes simply because they don’t have access to horses through any other means. Hope Reins serves the child who needs an opportunity to be reminded of the hope they have for the future.  Our program is absolutely free of charge. The only requirement for children is that they have an open heart and want to attend.  Contact Hope Reins at 812-878-5475