Volunteer Information

Adult Volunteers

Those adults interested in giving their time at Hope Reins (either full-time or part-time) are welcome to complete and return our volunteer application.  We will maintain application information based on volunteering interests, schedule, and skills. If your “profile” seems to fit a need we have, we will contact you and invite you to schedule a volunteer interview. This informal interview will give us a chance to get to know you better and go over any additional questions you may have.

Please note, all volunteers who work onsite with children will be required to apply for and pass a background check.

As you complete your application, you may need to refer to the list of opportunities to volunteer at Hope Reins for clarification of suggested volunteer roles.

Junior Volunteers

If you are under 18, a part of the riding program at Hope Reins, and looking for an opportunity to get more involved, you may be eligible to be a junior volunteer. Ask your leader about it during your next session time; they will be able to determine if you are ready for this exciting opportunity, in which case they will refer you to us. To ensure everyone has a chance to learn and is safe, we will be limiting the number of junior volunteers we have each day. Those youth who are able to commit to come weekly (seasonal volunteers) will be considered first for volunteering, but we hope to include as many as we can.

A junior volunteer’s experience at the ranch will differ greatly from that of an adult volunteer.

It is our goal to teach ranching skills to our junior volunteers. Volunteering sessions will always include physical labor, but may also include informal classes on a number of topics including horsemanship, barn maintenance, gardening, etc. Junior volunteers will also have less independent choice regarding activities they will take part in while at the barn.

It will be the goal of each volunteer to graduate to the point they are able to take on a less experienced volunteer and to teach them what they know about serving at the barn (see the  “Mentor” explanation on “All Volunteer Opportunities” page .) Readiness for this responsibility will be determined both by our staff and each volunteer.

Junior Volunteers must have adult guardians with them onsite during all volunteering sessions. Older children may be invited to volunteer without parental presence once we have determined they are able to work independently.

Volunteer Groups

Occasionally we have projects that call for the help of a group of strong and motivated people. Often times it will only take a group a few hours to accomplish something that might take us weeks. We will know about some of these projects months in advance and some of them will come up within a few days’ notice.

Please  complete, and return our Group Volunteer Application.  The administration of group volunteering is very similar to individual adult volunteering. We accept applications completed by the group organizer, keeping them on file based on group interest, schedule, and skills. When we have a project that seems appropriate we will contact the group leader and invite them to schedule a volunteer time with us (if the project has a flexible schedule.)